Beacon Children and Young People’s Survey

This survey is for children and young people who are under 18 and live in or near Hoylake, Meols, West Kirby, Irby, Greasby, Upton, Heswall or other towns and villages in the area. Ask an adult if you need help completing this. Please DO NOT complete this survey if you are 18 years of age or older. A separate survey for adults is online at Hoylake Beacon Survey



Hoylake Beacon Children and Young People's Survey


  • The Beacon project will include a one or two screen cinema in Hoylake, with places to eat and drink, as well as small shops and studios which will be run by artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, people who make things… perhaps toys or clothes… and other creative businesses. There will be apartments above the shops and studios. These will be rented out and the money from that will fund a not-for-profit organisation which will put on exhibitions, events and displays, help with organising cinema sreenings, and will ensure the ‘mix’ of creative people in the scheme is balanced and will always be fresh and exciting for everyone; businesses, residents and visitors.


  • There will be a one or two-screen cinema in the upstairs main hall of the Old Town Hall, Hoylake, with approximately 200 seats in total. Screenings will include the latest 'blockbuster' films as well as independent, international, classic, documentary, and other films for all ages. There will also be some live 'streamed' theatre plays, ballet, opera or other shows from London and other cities. The cinema will also be available for use by local schools for educational days, as well as other special screenings and events.

  • There will be a bistro for cinema users as well as a fine dining (posh) restaurant. But there will also be an atrium café in the middle. We need to know what kind of food you would like to see available there, or elsewhere in the Beacon. We especially want to know if you are interested in whether food is healthy or not, and also whether the way it is produced, transported and sold is good for us, the environment and other animals?

  • The ground floor will include a number of small shop and studio work spaces for creative businesses. These will include some really small units to make it affordable for new businesses who would find it difficult to pay for a ’normal’ shop or studio space. By creating a ‘community’ of creative businesses selling and displaying the things they make or produce, we hope lots more people will visit Hoylake, which will help existing businesses.

  • There will be up to forty 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments on the upper floors, available for rent. There will be disabled access, limited car parking to the rear, and secure cycle storage.
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