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The Beacon is Dead! Long Live the Beacon!

Reply to: From David Armstrong Acting Chief Executive Wirral Borough Council Dear Sirs LAND AT HOYLAKE PROMENADE I understand that issues have been raised by the Head of Regeneration and Planning in respect of any development of the triangular shaped piece of land on Hoylake promenade. These concerned the constrained nature of the site, […]

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Why digital matters

Within a period of only 50 years, Bakelite 78 rpm records have given way to 33 and 1/3 lps, to cassette, CDs, downloads, and now subscription or pay per play streaming. Terrestrial TV is going the same way… with catch up TV for mainstream channels being used more and more. For ‘box set’ TV series […]

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Tuppence a bag…

There’s a terrific documentary on Vimeo made by an RSPB intern (view here). It includes some spectacular footage of birds at Hoylake, which is an internationally significant site for wildlife and habitat… protected by Natura 2000 designations including SSSI, pSPA and RAMSAR. Any disruptive, regular or organised activity on the beach must be licensed and […]

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Pebbles and Bam-Bam

If you’re familiar with Hoylake you’ll know that Pebbles is not a cute cartoon character from The Flintstones, but an ongoing, decade-long scandal involving a rather shady disused toilet block, coffee, birds, booze, rock n’ roll, money and bureaucracy. Or at least that’s the sensationalist way we’re going to present it here. On 8th September […]

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The Magic Carpet Warehouse

Three years ago, after relocating the Hoylake Lifeboat to the new building, the council wanted to sell the old building and adjacent land off. The winning bid for the building came from a carpet company; it was to be used as a storage warehouse. On the face if it, this was a bad – but […]

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Guiding lights…

The old Hoylake ‘lower’ lighthouse, built in 1764, helped ships navigate the Hoylake anchorage, which served both as a stopping point for ‘Steam Packets’ traveling between Liverpool and North Wales, as well as safe harbour for vessels prevented from entering the Port of Liverpool by severe weather conditions; that year alone eighteen ships were stranded […]

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