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Ye Olde Lifeboat Station

So, Bam Bam got to do his thing. What’s next?

Once Upon a Jolly Sad Time, yet another very visible landmark in countless old photos of North Parade… the old toilet block… was demolished to cries of  ‘at last!’ But not from us. Nor from the other 600 people who signed a petition in support of the café project. Had the council been open to […]

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We have a plan…

When considering these plans, please do remember the following: The Beacon Steering group are NOT developers. We are quite simply a group of local volunteers who believe this would be great for Hoylake and we have the professional skills and knowledge to help make it happen. Our aim is to attract and encourage commercial investment […]

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We’re going to build it… will you come?

WE Hickson’s sage advice to try, try again may not always work – for instance in the case of skydiving. But in most other cases it rings true. There’s no need to trawl over the same news again, but if do you want to understand something of the Very Strange and Peculiar Events that befell […]

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The hip bone’s connected to the… thigh bone…

It’s been a little quiet at Beacon HQ… at least that’s how it must seem. In fact, a lot has been going on… lots of meetings, lots of phone calls, emails, sandwiches… If you have been following this blog you will know that we received a letter from the (now departed) Acting Chief Exec of […]

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Anyone up for opening a little café on the promenade? Now’s your chance… call the council now before Bam Bam comes along and makes that nasty complicated little eyesore all go away, never to be seen again. Just look at the joy in his face. He’s on his way folks… That will be 9.. yes, […]

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Questions, questions…

Q: So is The Beacon ‘Dead’? A: An idea cannot be killed… who would want to? We are exploring a number of possible ways forward. Q: How long will it take? A: We don’t know. But any project like this can be protracted because of the challenges it faces; your support will help. Q: “Will […]

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