Watching Paint Dry

In 1993 the brilliant writer, artist and film maker Derek Jarman made his swansong film ‘Blue’.

Running at 79 minutes, it’s not an easy watch… given that for the whole duration, the viewer is invited to look at a single image of… er… a blue screen.

It’s a very nice blue, though, and a very powerful soundtrack.

But if you’re not in the mood it is rather like, well, watching a wall of blue paint dry; and if so… you won’t get to the end. Guaranteed.

But, sometimes, life puts us in situations where we can’t just press a button and stop watching. We have to go the whole hog. Just be patient. When that waiting goes on for nine months, or longer, as it has done with the Beacon Scheme’s Planning application to Wirral Council, we become resigned to the waiting.

It even starts to feel familiar. It becomes the current reality. It starts to feel reassuringly dull.

So this week we decided to shake things up a bit. Let’s paint the walls… BLUE! A beautiful heritage blue; we think Derek Jarman would have liked it.

And a coat of it will dry IN A DAY!

That will make things feel better.

And so it has.

Pictured are the wonderful all female decorating team at Gecko Interiors. They are doing a fantastic job decorating the entrance hall and grand staircase. Their preparation work – so important for a good quality and lasting finish – has been second to none.

Walls and Ceilings will be blue with all original plaster relief work, covings and woodwork white. It’s going to look GREAT…

But it’s moving ahead on other fronts, too…


We’re thrilled to report that BAFTA award winning MAD AS BIRDS FILMS have moved in to the Beacon and are currently working on their next film, which will feature Judi Dench, Jim Broadbent and Eddie Izzard among others. Written by Hoylake Community Cinema patron Celyn Jones, we’re really excited that they have become part of the emerging Beacon project.

We’re also pleased to welcome WIRRAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE who will bring their extensive regional business network to Hoylake; an essential ingredient that will help future tenant businesses access advice, services, funding and more.

Creative tenancies are being managed by project partners the British Art and Design Association (BADA). It is hugely important that we gather and maintain the right ‘mix’ of businesses to ensure there is a healthy balance of creative industries and levels of experience; we want to attract experienced professionals, such as Mad as Birds Films, but we also want to support younger businesses and startups; this will be an enterprise engine with skills and ideas exchange at its heart in order for its sustainability to be ensured.

This involves meeting and speaking on an individual basis with many people. Since time and resources are very limited it is helpful to have a clear indication of the type of work you do, and your level of experience, from the outset, so please include a CV with your enquiry, even if you are just setting up your business!

To register your interest please send an email with a CV to


Our Coastal Communities Funding bid was submitted in May. We hope to find out soon whether we have been successful at the first round. If so we will go through to the next round and put in a much more complex and detailed bid.

As mentioned in our April newsletter, this bid is for costs of renovation, conversion and fit-out of the Old Town Hall (cinema, restaurants and creative industry office spaces); plus the new artists and makers units and atrium café elements of the scheme.

Thanks for your support!


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