Ye Olde Lifeboat Station

So, Bam Bam got to do his thing. What’s next?

Once Upon a Jolly Sad Time, yet another very visible landmark in countless old photos of North Parade… the old toilet block… was demolished to cries of  ‘at last!’

But not from us. Nor from the other 600 people who signed a petition in support of the café project.

Had the council been open to other offers to do something with it, it might have stood a chance. We tried. Others tried. But the door was well and truly shut.

Perhaps because for some, demolition was an… err…  ‘win-win’… and nothing else would do.

And then it was gone in a whirlwind of dust and Barney Rubble, as Bam Bam unleashed his years of pent up frustration upon it.

But wait, a glimmer of hope remained… the Old Lifeboat Station!

But, didn’t the council say ‘no’ to mixed use plans for that… even with a cinema operator ready to invest, the owner of the building, and a top flight restauranteur on board among huge public support?

Well, yes they did.

We said at the time, that at some point, if it didn’t find a good public use, private property developers would start hovering.

Alas, now it looks like that time has come.

It is up for auction again.

By Venmore, a company used almost exclusively by property developers.

The same company who sold off the Old Presbyterian Church.

Best guesses, then, on what plans are more likely to be approved by the council?

Or is there someone out there with the money and the vision to do something great with it?

An RSPB Visitor centre with shop, café and education facilities? A restaurant? A beach users centre? Heck, a mini indoor mini skateboard mini centre. Surely, something, that the public will use and make it pay?


Just not apartments, please!?

As for the Town Centre Beacon project it’s a case of slow, slow, quick quick slow… more news to follow as soon as we have it!


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