Anyone up for opening a little café on the promenade?

Now’s your chance… call the council now before Bam Bam comes along and makes that nasty complicated little eyesore all go away, never to be seen again. Just look at the joy in his face.

He’s on his way folks…

That will be 9.. yes, nine years…


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elizabeth price

May 20, 2017 at 3:12 pm - Reply

A cafe on the promenade will be yet another “block” to the view of the shore and coastline. People do not use the promenade for refreshments as these are well provided for by the cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants on Market Street. There is an ice cream van which is welcomed on hot days as it does not spoil the views. The promenade is much liked as it is and provides a natural and unspoiled environment for cyclists, walkers, bowlers, tennis players and beach facilities for the children. Any money should be spent on filling up and maintaining the old paddling pool next to the model boating pool. This would be welcomed by parents and much enjoyed by the children.

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